Hotel news : New rituals in the SPA center of the health resort Priozerny

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health resort Priozerny

New rituals in the SPA center of the health resort Priozerny

Health resort Priozerny announces new SPA rituals - Tibetan rejuvenating and Spanish rituals. The spa center of the health resort is their hallmark, which indicates high quality and attentive attitude towards vacationers.

For lovers of spa treatments, Health resort «Priozerny» has added new rituals: Tibetan rejuvenating and Spanish.

Tibetan rejuvenating ritual aims to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, muscles, joints, special points and meridians. The ritual balances all the energies of the body (three doshas), the balance of which automatically ensures good health and is used not only for deep relaxation, but also as a general health remedy.

The main principles of the Spanish ritual is the simultaneous effect on all body systems (lymphatic, circulatory, nervous), as well as on muscles and joints. This ritual is performed not only with the fingers and palm, as in classical techniques, but also with the forearms, without the use of any auxiliary tools.

Let yourself relax your body and soul in the SPA center of the health resort «Priozerny»!

You can learn more about the medical base and the prices for tickets of the health resort «Priozerny» on its page in the relevant sections.

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