Hotel news : Rehabilitation after Covid-19 in the health resort Belaya Rus

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health resort Belaya Rus

Rehabilitation after Covid-19 in the health resort Belaya Rus

Health resort «Belaya Rus» became another health resort, in which you can undergo rehabilitation after pneumonia caused by the Covid-19 virus. For treatment, the best specialists of the health resort have developed comprehensive medical programs that will help improve the general condition of the body, reduce the severity of functional disorders and prevent the risk of possible complications.

Today, recovery of the body after suffering coronavirus has become more relevant for many people than ever before. It is possible to undergo early rehabilitation after Covid-19 (up to 6 months after pneumonia) and late rehabilitation after Covid-19 (6 months after pneumonia) in the health resort «Belaya Rus».

Medical programs aim at:

  • gradual expansion of patients' motor activity;
  • improvement of the psycho-emotional state;
  • prevention of complications;
  • reducing the severity of functional disorders;
  • prevention of persistent disabilities;
  • improving the quality of life.

Read the list of procedures under the programs «Medical rehabilitation of patients with pneumonia associated with Covid-19 infection», as well as living conditions in the health resort You can on its page in the relevant section.

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