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health resort Yunost

Doctor endocrinologist in the health resort Yunost

Hormonal metabolism is an important component of a normal body functioning.Doctor endocrinologist in the health resort «Yunost» diagnoses diseases of the thyroid gland, carbohydrate metabolism, hormonal disorders and offers effective methods for osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity treatment.

The human endocrine system regulates the functioning of the whole organism, therefore, hormonal disturbances lead to complex diseases, which the endocrinologist will help to cope with.
So carbohydrate metabolism disorders in the body lead to diabetes, calcium metabolism violation - osteoporosis, iodine deficiency - to endemic goiter. Endocrine problems often cause impaired sexual function, overweight, muscle weakness and various neuropsychiatric abnormalities, and can also cause more serious diseases of the pituitary and hypothalamus, adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis.

Doctor endocrinologist in the health resort «Yunost» will help to solve the problem and identify the endocrine system at an early stage. Since May 2019, the doctor makes appointment one day a week. The doctor deals with the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • thyroid disease;
  • carbohydrate metabolism disorders (diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, the problem of overweight);
  • correction of hormonal disorders;
  • diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

Read more about rooms and rates and medical treatment of the health resort you can on its web-page in the relevant sections.

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Latest news health resort Yunost

Early booking 2020 in the health resort Yunost


Incredible news! Early Booking Promotion 2020 has started in the health resort «Yunost»! Buy tours from January 5 to March 19, 2020 with a 5% discount! let yourself a luxurious vacation at the most popular health resort of Belarus on the Minsk Sea shore.

The promotion is valid from 10-October-2019 to 25-December-2019


Health resort Yunost has confirmed certificate of quality of spa services Europe Spa Med


Health resort «Yunost» happy to announce that the health resort has been re-awarded with certificate «EuropeSpa Med», thereby confirming the high level of services provided in it! The health resort does not stop and continues to provide guests with services of a European level of quality.


SPA-program Restoration of physical form and strength for men in the health resort Yunost


Men also need rest! The health resort «Yunost» offers for men SPA-program «Restoration of physical form and strength», which will help to relieve stress and strain, restore the general tone of the body.


Step-aerobics at the health resort Yunost


In health resort «Yunost» new addition - now classes in step-aerobics are held here! This type of physical activity refers to cardio training and is a great way to get a good figure and develop stamina.


Soap and foam peeling in the SPA center of the health resort Yunost


New service in the SPA center «Slavic SPA» of the health resort «Yunost» - soap and foam peeling! Immerse yourself in the clouds of foam and enjoy a pleasant soap massage. A thick steam of Turkish hamam will give you an incredible relaxation.


New wellness programs in the health resort Yunost


Health resort «Yunost» continues to surprise its vacationist with pleasant novelty. Recently, the health resort has introduced two new wellness programs - «Healthy Sleep» and «Ànxiety control», aimed at restoring your mental and physical condition.


New procedure in the spa center of health resort Yunost


New procedure in the spa center of health resort «Yunost».Now guests of the health resort have the opportunity to go through face and body care procedures using cosmetics «Cinq Mondes».


Women's practice in the psychotherapy cabinet in health resort Yunost


Health resort «Yunost» invites lovely ladies to visit «Women's practices» in the psychotherapy cabinet. An experienced psychotherapist will help travelers to cope with women's problems!


Pantotheraphy in the health resort Yunost


Health resort «Yunost» never ceases to please vacationist with new medical procedures. Now the guests of the health resort will be able to get the therapeutic effect from the procedure of Pantotheraphy, or antler baths, which saturates the body with useful substances, stimulates metabolic processes, helps strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate.


New program Healthy joints in the health resort Yunost


Move without pain is a motto of a new medical program «Healthy joints» in the health resort «Yunost»! A special complex of medical procedures strengthens bones, you will forget about pain in the joints, as well as to pass the prevention of osteoporosis.


Corrective body massage in the health resort Yunost


Do you want to have perfect contours of your body, remove cellulite in problem areas or increase skin elasticity? Corrective body massage, which is carried in the health resort «Yunost» by professional masters will help you achieve incredible results.

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