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life:) is a operator of the Belarusian GSM cellular communications.
The official name is CJSC "Belarusian Telecommunications Network" (JSC "BeST"). It is included in the Turkcell Group: Turkish telecommunications company has signed an agreement to acquire 80% shares of JSC "BeST" on July 29th, 2008.

life:) provides its subscribers with multiple services:

  • voice calls
  • SMS
  • international voice calls
  • international roaming
  • videocalls
  • meloring (tone replacement to your favorite songs)
  • SMS-chat
  • Java-chat 333 (interactive Java-appendix which help easily and simply to communicate, get new friends and cheerfully to spend time)
  • Java-games
  • SMS-interactive (take part in votings, participate in discussions, transfer greetings and congratulations, discuss certain events, place messages on air of TV programs, radio and other mass media)
  • video, pictures, radio
  • infoservice (service which will allow to find quickly the necessary information or cheerfully to spend time)
  • Internet (service allows subscribers life:) to organize mobile access to the Internet network by mobile phone or modem)
  • User's service

Non-reference and information service of life:):

  • 909 čėč 920 — number is free for subscribers of life:)
  • +375 25 909 09 09 (or subscribers of life:) at the rate of calls within the network)
  • +375 17 295 99 99 (24 hours)
  • Fax: +375 17 321 20 54

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