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Table football

Gaming tables - (table soccer, air hockey, mini table football, mini table hockey, table tennis and others) is a great way to share a pastime with the whole family or a friendly company.
Gaming tables gather around themselves noisy companies, you can arrange friendly competitions. Modern tables are made of reliable materials and are capable of withstanding significant loads. Given for this form of entertainment ten minutes a day, you can pass for a rocket-man. Gaming tables is a great opportunity to get closer to people who are pleasant to you.

Slot machine (gamblings) an equipment established in a gambling institution and used for hazardous games; a special equipment, established in a gambling institution and used for gamblings with winnings without participation in the specified games of representatives of a gambling institution.
Slot machine (video games) a specialised device, developed to play video games. The arcade automatic machine (arcade machine, coin-op) is a rack with equipment for a start of games, usually of arcade genre. Many known computer games have appeared for the first time on slot machines and only after a while were brought on consoles and home computers. In the same time, slot machines sometimes gather on the basis of usual computers and game consoles.

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