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Summer terrace

Summer terrace - a platform that is located at ground level or slightly higher.It is not a part of the house and can be either attached to it or placed separately in the yard. The terrace can be totally open or have a mounted on poles roof . In addition, the terrace is not heated, so, in fact, it's just a summer platform. There are two types of buildings that are often confused with a terrace: a veranda and a gazebo. But, despite the fact that they all really have similarities, there is a fundamental difference between the terrace, the veranda and the gazebo. Veranda is always part of the house, and it is usually glazed. Like the terrace, the veranda is not heated, therefore it is considered a territory for summer rest. Gazebo is always built separately from house. Its difference from the terrace is that it has a small space and can only be one-level.
Terrace does not bring practical benefit, but it gives just opportunity to have a wonderful rest alone or with friends and relatives. In addition, she makes the house more cozy and unusual.
The terraces differ in the following characteristics:

  • by location,
  • by form,
  • by levels,
  • by the presence / absence of a roof,
  • by the presence / absence of the fence.

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