Infrastructure - Automatic cash terminal (ATM)

Automatic cash terminal (ATM)

ATM - is an automated device for carrying out various operations with payment cards, such as the issuance of cash, the payment utilities and other services, the transfer of funds between cards, the obtaining information about the current account balance, with the subsequent formation of the check-cards.
Due to the wide dissemination in Belarus of payment cards the ATMs now can be found not only in banks, but almost everywhere: at railway stations, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels and leisure facilities.
Almost all the ATMs serve payment cards of international banking systems VISA and Mastercard. Many also use internal banking system BelCard.
In the ATMs in Belarus it is available to obtain funds in Belarusian rubles, US dollars or euros (the fees for the services are provided by the bank). However, in most ATMs you may cash Belarusian rubles only.

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Automatic cash terminal (ATM) hotels of Belarus

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