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Safe is a sturdy, fireproof metal box or a cabinet for storing documents and valuables. In terms of their functions and, consequently, their construction, the safes are divided into: fire-resistant, burglar-resistant, fire-resistant. Fire resistant safes can not withstand the robber, their task is to save property and paper from fire. Burglary resistance is the stability of the safe to breaking, it is determined by the test results. The higher it is - the higher the safe class and, as a rule, it is heavier and more expensive.
In recreation facilities use several varieties of safes :

  • automatic - acting on the principle of self-service (the user puts things in a free cell, dials on the lock encryptor from the inside of the cell a cipher consisting of any one letter of the Russian alphabet and any three-digit number, omits to the coin mechanism a token and closes the door.To pick up things, the user dials the same code from the outside of the door),
  • deposit boxes on the concierge desk,
  • personal safes - personalized personal safes installed in the room in a room on a rental basis

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