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Payphone is a public telephone apparatus. The payphones provide services to local, long distance and international telephone services, as well as access to a network of mobile operators.
Now the payphones work mainly on special prepaid cards - telephone cards. In Belarus there are phone cards for 30, 60, 120, 360, 480 tariff units. Depending on the type of connection (long distance, international, call on mobile) a certain number of call units is deducted from the telephone card.
Telephone cards can be purchased at post offices and newsstands (Belsoyuzpechat), as well as points of collective use Beltelecom.
Some of the payphones support call service of transferred charge call. The service is available at a local or long distance calls. To order call you need to dial the code 8-11. The Beltelecom operator warns a called subscriber about the payment of the incoming call and, if the subscriber consents, connects.
Emergency services - 101 (MES), 102 (police), 103 (ambulance), 104 (emergency Mingaz), 112 (a general emergency telephone number) - are called with payphones for free.

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