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Phone number: +375 (1719) 5-53-67

When booking by phone, please specify that the information was obtained from the Internet portal

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Hotel Kopyl is located in the centre of Kopyl of Minsk region. There is a Kopyl district ethnographic museum and the monument of Tsishka Gartny, a Belarussian writer.

Accommodation - hotel Kopyl:

Schedule of administrative and rescue services — hotel Kopyl

  • Administration 08:00 — 17:00 days off: Sa, Su
  • Reception and accommodation service 24 hours every day
  • Service of chambermaids 24 hours every day

Rooms and rates — hotel Kopyl

  Accomodation / Conveniences / Facilities     The price for the room

single 1-room (2 category)

 WC, shower, washstand / TV, fridge, kettle
35,65 BYN

double 1-room (2 category)

 WC, shower, washstand / TV, kettle
67,20 BYN

triple 1-room (2 category)

 WC, shower, washstand / TV, kettle
87,42 BYN

double 2-room (1 category)

  possible accommodation for 1 person

 WC, shower, washstand / TV, fridge, kettle
99,44 BYN
Photos are provided for reference. Equipment and a furniture arrangement is specified for typical numbers and can vary.

In the hotel the following credit cards are accepted for the payment of services

not accepted

During the summer period hot water moves in numbers only in the days off, during the winter period - within all week. Also in hotel there are numbers with boilers at which hot water is present constantly.

Infrastructure — hotel Kopyl

- included in the price
- included in the price, the limit is reached at an additional cost
- for the additional price
hotel Kopyl - Cafe Cafe
 «Belorusochka»; Fri, Sat 17.00 - 24.00, 18.00 - 02.00
X Hairdressing salon
 for the additional price
hotel Kopyl - Parking Parking
 unguarded; for 20 cars
X Pay-phone
 for the additional price
X Safe
 for the additional price
X Television

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Address — hotel Kopyl:
223927 Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Kopyl, Gorkogo str., 1.

Phone number: +375 (1719) 5-53-67

When booking by phone, please specify that the information was obtained from the Internet portal

How to get to hotel Kopyl by public transport:

    The Administration of an enterprise doesn't bear responsibility forchanges in the public transport schedule.

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    How to get to hotel Kopyl by car:

  • Polotsk Minsk (about 225 km): On route Đ46 (Lepel-polotsk-border of Russia (Juhovichi)) to Lepel (about 70 km); On route ̀3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 155 km)
  • Vitebsk Minsk (about 280 km): On route ̀3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 280 km)
  • Minsk-hotel Kopyl (about 131 km): On route Đ23 (Minsk-Mikashevichi) to intersection with route Đ91 (Osipovichi-Baranovichi) (about 93 km); To the right, on route Đ91 (Osipovichi-Baranovichi) to intersection with route Đ61 (the Bridle-Kopyl-Gulevichi (through Staritsu)) (about 20 km); On the left, on route Đ61 (the Bridle-Kopyl-Gulevichi (through Staritsu)) to Kopyl (about 15 km); In Kopyl (about 3 km): on street Bitter to hotel Kopyl (street Bitter, 1).
    • Map of border crossing points in Belarus
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