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The Golden Smash Hit International Music Festival (October 25-30, 2023)

Mogilev, Festival

25 - 30 October 2023

The Golden Smash Hit Festival is a unique phenomenon in the cultural life not only of the republic and the region, but also in international life in general. This is a wonderful celebration of music and song, it has always been distinguished and distinguished by a high poetic word, deep lyricism and sincerity, since the idea of the festival originally arose from the desire to bring together the «forgotten» artists who make up the «golden fund» of Soviet song.

The International music festival «Golden Smash Hit» was first organized in November 1995 and subsequently accepted into the International Federation of Festivals. FIDOF is a worldwide organization that unites more than 150 art festivals. Recognized masters of world art from more than 25 countries participated in the festivals at various times.

Every year, the forms of concerts and their genre themes have expanded – from traditional gala concerts, solo programs, creative meetings and author's evenings for such as «Golden Smash hit in jazz», «People's Artists of the USSR welcome ...», «Musical film drama», «Songs of our yard», «Musical Ring», «20 years later».

Place: Mogilev region, Mogilev (Mogilev Regional Philharmonic)
Time: October 25-30, 2023