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    Nearest event

    18 - 19 August 2018 Cultural and sports festival «Bastions of the World» (August 18 - 19, 2018)

    Korelichi, Sportive competition

    August 18-19 Karelich will host the ninth cultural and sports festival «Bastions of the World». The competition is held by the Belarusian Shotokan Karate-Do Federation on the initiative of the local youth sports club White Tiger with the support of the Karelichi Regional Executive Committee.

    The program of the holiday includes a sports-certification and concert program «From the heroes of old times», which begins with a grand opening, a companionable match.

    Location: Korelici
    Time: August 18 - August 19, 2018

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    All hotels and rates Belarus 2018

    To recalculate prices for September in BYN / RUB / EUR


    1. Happy Hostel hostel
    2. VIVA hostel
    3. MVD hotel
    4. Ratomka hotel complex
    5. Jelon hotel
    6. EcoDom mini-hotel
    7. Zvezda hotel
    8. Stayki hotel complex
    9. Dinamo hotel complex
    10. Agat hotel
    11. Orbita hotel complex
    12. Green City hotel
    13. East Time hotel
    14. IT Time hotel
    15. Sport Time hotel
    16. IBB Hotel hotel
    17. Voyage hotel
    18. Riviera hotel
    19. M hotel hotel
    20. Arena hotel
    21. Forum Minsk hotel complex
    22. Sputnik hotel
    23. Turist Minsk hotel complex
    24. U fontana hotel
    25. Comfort apartment complex
    26. Akva Minsk hotel
    27. Planeta hotel
    28. Yubileiny hotel complex
    29. BonHotel hotel
    30. Monastyrskiy hotel complex
    31. Willing hotel
    32. Garni hotel
    33. Minsk hotel
    34. Robinson Club hotel complex
    35. Victoria hotel
    36. Gubernski hotel
    37. Beijing hotel
    38. Evropa hotel

    Minsk region


    1. Good Morning hostel
    2. Yunost hotel
    3. Mechta hotel
    4. Aquatel hotel
    5. Stroitel hotel
    6. Start sport complex
    7. Inturist tourist complex
    8. Motelchik motel
    9. Bug hotel
    10. Vesta hotel
    11. Rinkavka tourist complex
    12. Energia tourist and hotel complex
    13. Hermitage hotel

    Brest region


    1. Paradiz hotel
    2. Cirk hotel
    3. Sozh Gomel hotel
    4. Gomel hotel
    5. Nadzeya hotel
    6. Villa Rosa hotel
    7. Siti hotel
    8. Prestige hotel complex
    9. Central hotel
    10. Zamkovyj hotel

    Gomel region


    1. VCSK hotel
    2. Vitebsk hotel
    3. Vetraz hotel
    4. Luchesa tourist and hotel complex
    5. Eridan hotel

    Vitebsk region

    Do you have any questions on choosing hotels in Belarus? Click here: Quick order | Help with hotel selection

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