Bank plastic cards \ Euro/Mastercard


Mastercard - a consortium consisting of two companies - American MasterCard and European Europay (Eurocard and Eurocheck), taking of the second position in the world market (about 30 %). Card Master Card is a card of international payment system MasterCard International and represents the electronic debit card which use Card MasterCard gives possibilities on payment of the goods and services in much wider list of shops, hotels, restaurants etc. is issued with accounts in US dollars and euro.

MasterCard Standard is international debit / the credit card which has been let out for physical persons. The given card allows to pay the goods/services in the trading and service enterprises equipped with electronic terminals. The bank card can be used for the payment of invoices for services through the Internet. Use of this card facilitates service in various commercial points, hotels, restaurants and in the companies rendering services in rent of cars.

MasterCard Gold is the international credit card which is let out for physical persons - clients of the bank, enjoying high trust and having considerable incomes. Elite card Eurocard/MasterCard Gold provides to its owners high quality of service, being the present card in the business world. Additional services of cards MasterCard Gold provide comfort and safety of owners of cards, giving considerable privileges: the high credit limit, in the case of loss or thefts of a card is given to the holder possibility of fast replacement of a card or delivery of the certain sum of cash.


Hotels of this category:

  Brest region
  1. "Belarus Brest" hotel
  2. "Belarus Kobrin" hotel
  3. "Horizont" hotel
  4. "Pripyat Pinsk" hotel
  5. "Suvorov" hotel
  6. "Vesta" hotel
  7. "Yaselda Bereza" hotel
  8. "Yubileynaya Luninets" hotel
  Gomel region
  1. "Amaks Visit" hotel
  2. "Dnepr Rechitsa" hotel
  3. "Slavinasport" hotel
  4. "Turist Gomel" hotel
  Grodno region
  1. "Berezka" hotel
  2. "Korelichi" hotel
  3. "Semashko" hotel
  4. "Turist Grodno" hotel
  Minsk region
  1. "40 let Pobedy" hotel
  2. "Almaz" hotel complex
  3. "Belarus Minsk" hotel
  4. "BonHotel" hotel
  5. "Minsk" hotel
  6. "Molodechno" hotel
  7. "Pansky maentak Sula" hotel
  8. "Planeta" hotel
  9. "Robinson City" hotel
  10. "Robinson Club" hotel complex
  11. "Sputnik" hotel
  12. "Turist Minsk" hotel complex
  13. "U fontana" hotel
  14. "Victoria" hotel
  15. "Yubileiny" hotel complex
  Mogilev region
  1. "Gubernskaya Mogilev" hotel
  2. "Kosmos kort" hotel
  3. "Kostyukovichi" hotel
  4. "Pronya" hotel
  5. "Turist Bobruisk" hotel
  Vitebsk region
  1. "Belarus Novopolotsk" hotel
  2. "Eridan" hotel
  3. "Luchesa" hotel
  4. "Naftan" hotel complex
  5. "Serguch" hotel complex
  6. "Vetraz" hotel