Bank plastic cards \ Visa


Visa - one of the most widespread cards in the world: more than 400 million users VISA of cards in more than 220 states and territories can make calculations for the goods and services in more than 12 million service places, to remove available funds in more than 350 thousand points and in more, than 235 thousand cash dispenses.

Card VISA can be used only by the owners of a card. Card working time is specified on an outer side. The card is suitable till last day specified in term of month. In places of service of cards VISA symbolics VISA in the form of labels, tablets etc. is placed.

In the case of loss or thefts of a card, it is necessary to give a written statement to the bank which has given out a card, and to make it as soon as possible because without this message in bank the owner bears full responsibility for all operations made on the card.

There are various kinds of cards VISA:

VISA Electron - the international card which is provided as for payment for the goods and services in more than 900 thousand settlement places, and for reception of available funds in more than 275 thousand automatic machines for reception of available funds which serve cards VISA. Card VISA Electron is served by means of electronic devices in settlement places where symbolics VISA Electron in the form of labels or signboards is located. User VISA Electron can become both physical, and the legal body, having paid a user"s payment and having advanced means for expenditure.

VISA Classic allows to make payments in all places of service VISA. Any person can become owner of a VISA Classic, having paid an annual payment and having enlisted into the account of the Card a sum of money for forthcoming payments.

VISA Business the legal body who has in commercial bank a current account in US dollars, can become an owner of VISA Business (Silver VISA). VISA Business on the same level with all services which are given by card VISA Classic, offers to the owners additional services: possibility to use help phone, receiving necessary information about travel, councils of medical character and legal consultations; compensatory payments for a delay of flights and luggage, replacement of documents, service of reservation of numbers in hotels, and also extreme reception of available funds or extreme replacement of a card in a case of loss (within 48 hours).

VISA Gold is exclusive VISA a card which testifies to a standard of well-being of the user of a card and about special trust of bank to the client. The physical person, and also representatives of the legal person can become the owner of card VISA Gold. Together with the card VISA Gold without an additional payment discount cards IAPA or ETN and the catalogue for choice stand out. To owners of the card VISA Gold access to special service of the help which within 24 hours per day is ready to give medical and legal consultations is provided, to accept demands about lost and stolen VISA Gold cards, and as to provide in case of need emergency payment of available funds or card replacement.


Hotels of this category:

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  2. "Aelita Pinsk" hotel
  3. "Belarus Brest" hotel
  4. "Belarus Kobrin" hotel
  5. "Beltamozhservis Kozlovichi" hotel
  6. "Bona Hotel" hotel
  7. "Chalet Greenwood" hotel complex
  8. "Edelweiss" hotel
  9. "Energia Beloozersk" hotel
  10. "Energia Brest" hotel
  11. "Goryn" hotel
  12. "Hampton by Hilton Brest" hotel
  13. "Hermitage" hotel
  14. "Horizont" hotel
  15. "Ivacevichi" hotel
  16. "Ivacevichisky" motel
  17. "Juravushka" hotel
  18. "KADM in Ivanovo city" motel
  19. "Kamenyuki" hotel complex
  20. "Kamenyuki k2" hotel complex
  21. "M 10" hotel
  22. "Mariinsky" hotel
  23. "Mechta" hotel
  24. "Molodezhnaya Brest" hotel
  25. "Motelchik" motel
  26. "Muhavec" hotel
  27. "Pripyat Pinsk" hotel
  28. "Rinkavka" tourist complex
  29. "Seating yard Nehachevo" hotel complex
  30. "Silver Thaler" hotel
  31. "Slavyanskaya hata" hotel
  32. "Smart Business Hotel" hotel
  33. "Sport Pinsk" hotel
  34. "Staryy gorod" hotel
  35. "Stroitel" hotel
  36. "Suvorov" hotel
  37. "Svetlana" hotel complex
  38. "Svityaz" hotel
  39. "Vesta" hotel
  40. "Yaselda Bereza" hotel
  41. "Yubileynaya Luninets" hotel
  42. "Yubileynaya Malorita" hotel
  43. "Yunost" hotel
  Gomel region
  1. "Amaks Visit" hotel
  2. "Chechersk" hotel
  3. "Chetvert veka" hotel
  4. "Chisto Hotel" hotel
  5. "Cirk" hotel
  6. "Dnepr Rechitsa" hotel
  7. "Dneprovskaya zhemchuzhina" hotel
  8. "Elsk" hotel
  9. "Evro" hotel
  10. "Gomel" hotel
  11. "Gomel Regional Centre for Olympic team sports" hotel
  12. "Guest House" hotel
  13. "Juravinka Khoiniki" hotel
  14. "Lider" hotel complex
  15. "Maentak" hotel
  16. "Nad Pripyatyu" hotel complex
  17. "Oktyabrskaya" hotel
  18. "Paradiz" hotel
  19. "Polesie" floating hotel
  20. "Pripyat Mozyr" hotel
  21. "Siti" hotel
  22. "Slavinasport" hotel
  23. "Slavyanskaya Zhlobin" hotel
  24. "Sozh Gomel" hotel
  25. "Strumen" hotel complex
  26. "Svetlogorsk Himvolokno" hotel
  27. "Svetoch" hotel
  28. "Turist Gomel" hotel
  29. "Turov" hotel
  30. "Turov plus" hotel
  31. "Ubort" hotel
  32. "Villa Rosa" hotel
  33. "Zamkovyj" hotel
  34. "Zolotoe koltso" hotel
  Grodno region
  1. "Berezka" hotel
  2. "Bruzgi" hotel
  3. "Centralnaya Berezovka" hotel
  4. "Continent" hotel
  5. "Crocus" hotel
  6. "Dyadya Vanya" hotel
  7. "Elen" hotel
  8. "Korelichi" hotel
  9. "Kronon Park Otel" hotel
  10. "Lida" hotel
  11. "Maiak" hotel
  12. "Mir Castle" hotel
  13. "Mirsky Posad" hotel complex
  14. "Mosty" hotel
  15. "Neman Grodno" hotel complex
  16. "Omega" hotel complex
  17. "Pridorozhnyj servis" hotel
  18. "Semashko" hotel
  19. "Shchara" hotel
  20. "Smorgon" hotel
  21. "Sun Hotel" hotel
  22. "Turist Grodno" hotel
  23. "Uyt Shchuchin" hotel
  24. "Voronovo" hotel
  25. "Zelva" hotel
  26. "Zharkovschina" hotel
  Minsk region
  1. "40 let Pobedy" hotel
  2. "Affiliate «Borisovskii myasokombinat»" hotel
  3. "Agat" hotel
  4. "Akva Minsk" hotel
  5. "Akva Minsk Plus" hotel
  6. "Almaz" hotel complex
  7. "Arena" hotel
  8. "Beijing" hotel
  9. "Belarus Minsk" hotel
  10. "Belastok" hotel
  11. "Beltamozhservis" hotel
  12. "BonHotel" hotel
  13. "Buta Boutique Hotel" hotel
  14. "Comfort" apartment complex
  15. "Crowne Plaza Minsk" hotel
  16. "Dinamo" hotel complex
  17. "Dipservice Hall" hotel complex
  18. "DoubleTree By Hilton Minsk" hotel
  19. "Drozdy club" hotel
  20. "East Time" hotel
  21. "EcoDom" mini-hotel
  22. "Evropa" hotel
  23. "Forum Minsk" hotel complex
  24. "Garni" hotel
  25. "Gorodeisky falvarok" hotel
  26. "Green City" hotel
  27. "Green Park Hotel" hotel complex
  28. "Gubernski" hotel
  29. "Hotel" hotel
  30. "IBB Hotel" hotel
  31. "Imperial Palace" hotel
  32. "Isloch Park" health-improving complex
  33. "IT Time" hotel
  34. "Jelon" hotel
  35. "Juravinka Minsk" hotel
  36. "KADM in Minsk on the Uborevich street" hotel
  37. "Kletsk" hotel
  38. "Korona" hotel
  39. "Krupchanka" hotel
  40. "LeMAN" hotel
  41. "Logoisk" hotel complex
  42. "M hotel" hotel
  43. "Marjina Gorka" hotel
  44. "Minsk" hotel
  45. "Minsk Marriott" hotel
  46. "Mitropolichya Gostinaya" hotel
  47. "Molodechno" hotel
  48. "Monastyrskiy" hotel complex
  49. "MVD" hotel
  50. "Myadel" hotel complex
  51. "Na rostanjah" hotel
  52. "Naroch" hotel
  53. "Nesvizh" hotel
  54. "Novoe Polesie" hotel
  55. "Olimp" hotel
  56. "Palace" hotel
  57. "Pansky maentak Sula" hotel
  58. "PC Gazprom Transgaz Belarus" hotel
  59. "Planeta" hotel
  60. "Polonez" hotel
  61. "President Hotel" hotel
  62. "Ratomka" hotel complex
  63. "Renaissance Minsk Hotel" hotel
  64. "Robinson City" hotel
  65. "Robinson Club" hotel complex
  66. "Rytas" mini-hotel
  67. "Silichy" hotel
  68. "Slutsk" hotel
  69. "Sport Minsk" hotel
  70. "Sport Time" hotel
  71. "Sputnik" hotel
  72. "Sputnik Jdanovichi" health-improving complex
  73. "Turist Minsk" hotel complex
  74. "Turley" hotel
  75. "U fontana" hotel
  76. "Ukrainisky dvorik" hotel
  77. "Victoria" hotel
  78. "Victoria and Spa" hotel
  79. "Victoria na Zamkavay" hotel
  80. "Victoria Olimp" hotel
  81. "Viliya" hotel
  82. "Voyage" hotel
  83. "Westa" hotel complex
  84. "Willa Rada" hotel
  85. "Willing" hotel
  86. "Yubileiny" hotel complex
  87. "Zvezda" hotel
  Mogilev region
  1. "Amaks Premier hotel Bobrujsk" hotel
  2. "Atrium" hotel
  3. "Belye nochi" hotel
  4. "Chausy" hotel
  5. "Dnepr Byhov" hotel
  6. "Dribin" hotel
  7. "Gubernskaya Mogilev" hotel
  8. "Kim" hotel
  9. "Kosmos kort" hotel
  10. "Kostyukovichi" hotel
  11. "Metropol" hotel
  12. "Mogilev" hotel
  13. "Mogilevhimvolokno" hotel
  14. "Mstislavl" hotel
  15. "OJSC FanDok" hotel complex
  16. "Olsa" hotel
  17. "Osipovichi" hotel
  18. "Osipovichi ZAA" hotel
  19. "Pronya" hotel
  20. "Raduga Bobruisk" mini-hotel
  21. "Rodnichok" hotel
  22. "Rodnik" hotel complex
  23. "Slavianskaya tradiciya" hotel
  24. "Sozh Krichev" hotel
  25. "Suzore" hotel
  26. "Turist Bobruisk" hotel
  27. "Turist Mogilev" hotel
  28. "Yubileinaya Bobruisk" hotel
  Vitebsk region
  1. "555" hotel
  2. "Belarus Novopolotsk" hotel
  3. "Braslav" hotel
  4. "Chashniki" hotel
  5. "Drivyati" hotel complex
  6. "Eridan" hotel
  7. "Glubokoe" hotel
  8. "Gostevoy dvor" hotel complex
  9. "Gubernskaya Vitebsk" hotel
  10. "KRTs Korona" hotel complex
  11. "Lepel" hotel
  12. "Luchesa" hotel
  13. "Lukoml" hotel
  14. "Naftan" hotel complex
  15. "Orsha" hotel
  16. "Orsha TK" tourist complex
  17. "Parus" hotel
  18. "Patriot" hotel
  19. "Postavy" hotel
  20. "Rossony" hotel
  21. "Serguch" hotel complex
  22. "Slavyansky" hotel complex
  23. "Smart Boutique Hotel" hotel
  24. "Sofia" hostel
  25. "Tolochin" hotel
  26. "Vetraz" hotel
  27. "Vitebsk" hotel