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Travel advisory

Documents for check in a hotel

  • Upon arrival you should contact the administrator for registration. Upon registration you must show the following documents: passport, in its absence - one of the following documents: a residence permit, a refugee certificate, a military card, a birth certificate for children under the age of sixteen years. Also, you might need a booking confirmation (the document that is loaded on your application page after payment).
  • When planning your trip well in advance it is recommended to ensure the availability of passports’ copies of all participants, travel tickets (air, railway, bus) and other documents. They are useful in case of loss of the original, as well as in other situations that may arise in the host country. Keep copies separate from the originals.


  • The Republic of Belarus has introduced compulsory health insurance for foreign citizens and stateless persons temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus, in the case of the provision of emergency medical assistance in the state medical institutions in case of sudden illness or accident.
  • You can make a medical insurance policy at any checkpoint on the borders of Belarus, as well as at airports and railway stations, where the points of Belarusian insurance companies work.
  • The cost of insurance depends on the number of days of stay and some conditions.
  • The medical insurance is not required for:
    - citizens of countries with which there are international treaties that govern the provision of free emergency medical services (citizens of Russian Federation); - citizens of the states - participants of the CIS for whom the emergency medical care is provided free of charge in accordance with the Agreement on the provision of medical care to citizens of states - participants of Commonwealth of Independent States, signed in Moscow on 27 March 1997 (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine).
  • According to international travel practice we recommend for citizens who are not subject to compulsory health insurance to conclude a contract of voluntary health insurance. The insurance Polis offers a wide range of services than prescribed in the agreement between our countries.

How to get to the hotel

  • Travel to the hotel is implemented on one’s own.
  • Choose the official transporter, licensed for road transport of passengers to travel to the hotel and back.
  • For the convenience of our customers the Belarusian tour operator Automated tourism technologies created an online system of ordering transfer between Belarusian stations/airports and hotels available on the Internet portal

Rules for accommodating and staying in a hotel

  • In most hotels the checkout time is 12:00 local time. On the day of arrival the accommodation to rooms is implemented after 14:00.
  • The distribution of rooms is a responsibility of the receptionist of the hotel.
  • It is recommended to take your room key at the reception, and in case of loss to notify the administration.
  • Upon arrival at the hotel you should be familiar with the fire evacuation plan, terms of elevator and electrical appliances using.
  • In case of breakdown or malfunction of sanitary devices, electric lighting and appliances you should address to the manager on duty.
  • Guests are required to provide access to the room of the hotel staff for the production of the current cleaning in accordance with the standards of the hotel operation.
  • Unauthorized persons can stay in the room only at the invitation of a Guest from 7:00 to 23:00 with the consent of the administrator. Guests are responsible for the timely care of the invited persons and their compliance with the rules of hotel accommodation. When the invited person stay in the room after 23:00 he must pay his accommodation at the hotel according to the price list.
  • You should take care of the furniture, equipment and other objects in a hotel. The Guest is liable for damage caused to a hotel, as well as for the damage caused by persons who have visited the hotel for guests’ invitation.
  • The hotel’s administration is not responsible for the loss of valuables, money and documents left in the room. Search forgotten things being on your own and at your own expense
  • Children under 7 years stay for free in same room with parents without additional bed. Parents are responsible for their actions and safety.
  • Breakfast submission (if there is a cafe / restaurant) is carried out at a set time.
  • Observance of silence in the hotel after the set time is compulsory for all.
  • Smoking in the hotels is allowed in specially designated areas.
  • You must leave your room before 12:00 and pay for additional services (telephone, mini-bar, order food and drinks in the room, etc.) on the day of departure.
  • Guests who wish to extend their stay at the hotel should notify the administrator no later than 2 hours before the eviction.

To ensure order in the hotel and safety of guests, in the hotel it is prohibited:

  • to violate the rules of fire safety and the rules of using electrical devices;
  • to disrespect the staff and other guests;
  • to noise and commit acts that violate the living conditions of other citizens;
  • to appear in public places in a drunken state;
  • to store in a room bulky things, inflammable and explosive materials and objects, weapons, drugs;
  • to keep in the room the animals and birds without the administrator's permission.

What to do after returning from hotel

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For information about the Republic of Belarus, entry regulations, the procedure for issuing visas, customs regulations, currency control, currency exchange, communication and others read the section Information about Belarus

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