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Nearest event

  «Memory» youth action (April 25, 2017)

  25-April-2017, Khoiniki, Regional feast

April 25, 2017. in Khoiniki Youth action «Memory»

the Procession with candles to the monument of Sorrow. Those present laid flowers and candles.

Location: Khoiniki, Gomel region
Time: April 25, 2017.

  14:00  22-April-2017
Health resort Orlovskogo Mogilev region informs:
Great news from health resort Orlovskogo! Now the cost of the health-improving permit includes several medical procedures!

  16:00  21-April-2017
Dear visitors of our portal! In connection with the holiday we inform you: From April 22 till April 25, 2017 in the Republic of Belarus there are the days off. Please pay attention to the schedule of our company.

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  14:00  21-April-2017
Health resort Vesta Minsk region informs:
Special offer from the health resort Vesta! Prices for permits until the end of April are reduced. Hurry up to buy last minute permits with a 10% discount!

  10:00  21-April-2017
Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Strochitsy invites to the reconstruction of the ancient rites of Polissya «Velikodnaya Strilka», which will be held April 22, 2017 from 15:00 to 17:00. «Strilka» is an ancient spring ritual dance, which is held annually in the West Polesie on the first day of Easter.

  08:00  21-April-2017
Hotel complex Vishnevyi sad Mogilev region invites everyone who is not indifferent to the beauty of poetry and nature, May 13, 2017 on the poetic battle "The verb. Spring...»! Spend a wonderful spring time unforgettably and fill it with meaning in the hotel complex Vishnevyi sad!

All hotels
 Minsk     Brest     Vitebsk     Gomel     Grodno     Mogilev

  1. 40 let Pobedy hotel
  2. Akva Minsk 2* hotel
  3. Arena 3* hotel
  4. Beijing 5* hotel
  5. Belarus Minsk 3* hotel
  6. Beltamozhservis hotel
  7. BonHotel 3* hotel
  8. Buta Boutique Hotel 5* hotel
  9. Comfort apartment complex
  10. Crowne Plaza Minsk 5* hotel
  11. Dinamo hotel complex
  12. Dom number 15 hotel
  13. Dom number 18 hotel
  14. DoubleTree By Hilton Minsk 4*+ hotel
  15. Drozdy club hotel
  16. East Time 2* hotel
  17. Evropa 5* hotel
  18. Forum Minsk 3* hotel complex
  19. Garni 3* hotel
  20. Gubernski hotel
  21. Hampton by Hilton Minsk City Center 3* hotel
  22. Happy Hostel hostel
  23. Hostel of Academy of public administration hotel
  24. IT Time 2* hotel
  25. Juravinka Minsk hotel
  26. KADM in Minsk on the Bogdanovich street hotel
  27. KADM in Minsk on the Uborevich street hotel
  28. KADM in Novoselie village motel
  29. KADM in Siomkovo village motel
  30. M hotel hotel
  31. Ministry of Nature hotel
  32. Minsk 4* hotel
  33. Minsk Marriott 5* hotel
  34. Mitropolichya Gostinaya hotel
  35. Monastyrskiy 3* hotel complex
  36. Na Zamkovoi 3* hotel
  37. Orbita 3* hotel complex
  38. PC Gazprom Transgaz Belarus hotel complex
  39. Planeta 3* hotel
  40. President Hotel 5* hotel
  41. Ratomka hotel complex
  42. Renaissance Minsk Hotel 5* hotel
  43. Revolucion hostel
  44. Sport Minsk hotel
  45. Sport Time 2* hotel
  46. Sputnik 3* hotel
  47. Stayki hotel complex
  48. Turist Minsk 3* hotel complex
  49. U fontana 3* hotel
  50. VIVA hostel
  51. Victoria 4* hotel
  52. Victoria building 2 4* hotel
  53. Victoria Olimp 4* hotel
  54. Voyage hotel
  55. Yubileiny 3* hotel complex
  56. Zvezda 2* hotel
  Minsk region - all cities
  1. Aquatel hotel
  2. Belarus Brest 3* hotel
  3. Beltamozhservis Kozlovichi hotel
  4. Bug hotel
  5. California hostel
  6. Chalet Greenwood hotel
  7. Energia tourist and hotel complex
  8. Energia Brest 2* hotel
  9. Good Morning hostel
  10. Hermitage 4* hotel
  11. Idea Studia hotel
  12. Inturist tourist complex
  13. Molodezhnaya Brest hotel
  14. Motelchik motel
  15. Rinkavka tourist complex
  16. Silver Thaler 3* hotel
  17. Stroitel hotel
  18. Vesta 3* hotel
  19. Yunost hotel
  Brest region - all cities

  1. Belarus Grodno hotel
  2. Kronon Park Otel hotel
  3. Neman Grodno 3* hotel complex
  4. Omega hotel complex
  5. Semashko 3* hotel
  6. Slaviya 3* hotel complex
  7. Turist Grodno 3* hotel
  Grodno region - all cities
  1. Amaks hotel
  2. Central hotel
  3. Cirk hotel
  4. Gomel hotel
  5. Gomel Regional Centre for Olympic team sports hotel
  6. Nadzeya hotel
  7. Oktyabrskaya Gomel hotel
  8. Paradiz hotel
  9. Prestige hotel complex
  10. Siti hotel
  11. Sozh Gomel hotel
  12. Turist Gomel 3* hotel
  13. Villa Rosa hotel
  14. Zamkovyj hotel
  Gomel region - all cities
  1. Grebnaja baza hotel
  2. Grin hill hotel
  3. Gubernskaya Mogilev 3* hotel
  4. Kim hotel
  5. Metropol hotel
  6. Mogilev hotel
  7. Mogilevhimvolokno hotel
  8. Rodnik hotel complex
  9. Slavianskaya tradiciya hotel
  10. Turist Mogilev 3* hotel
  Mogilev region - all cities
  1. Eridan 3* hotel
  2. Gubernskaya Vitebsk hotel
  3. Luchesa 4* tourist and hotel complex
  4. VCSK hotel
  5. Vetraz 3* hotel
  6. Vitebsk hotel
  7. Zolotoj telenok hotel
  Vitebsk region - all cities
гостиница Спутник Гостиницы Минска  скидки 2017
гостиница Пекин гостиницы Минска гостиницы Беларуси 2017
гостиница Березина - Борисов 2017
хостел Калифорния - Брест гостиницы Беларуси бесплатный wi-fi 2017
Гостиница Арола - Глубокое гостиницы Беларуси 2017
гостиничный комплекс Омега - Гродно гостиницы Беларуси 2017
гостиница Гомель гостиницы Беларуси Лучшая цена 2017
гостиница Кобвар - Кобрин гостиницы Беларуси площадка для шашлыков отдых в Беларуси 2017

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